Save Suffolk House meeting

2pm, Sunday 13 January, Thompson’s Park, Romilly Road, Canton

Quin & Co builders plan to cut down the beautiful trees at Suffolk House on the junction of Romilly and Llandaf Roads in Canton.

Come to hear from Councillor Ramesh Patel about our plans to object to these proposals.

Show your support and help protect your local environment!

One thought on “Save Suffolk House meeting

  1. As a lecturer in higher education at Cardiff Metropolitan University and a life-long resident of Canton I find this proposal appalling.

    I teach undergraduate students the value of environmental conservation within outdoor learning modules and Forest School, or which I am a a qualified practitioner. Never has the impact of carbon emissions and air quality been such a prevalent issue. It seems that housing, much of it social, has engulfed the Canton area, leading to elevated levels of litter and refuse surrounding these areas.

    Some of the trees within the grounds of Suffolk House are indeed magnificent, just stand underneath the copper beech or hazel tree to appreciate their beauty and awe-inspiring structure. We need to vehemently utilise our residential voice to protest and protect against this usurping of natural beauty indigenous to our still fabulous environment.


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