Campaign at City Hall

Save the Trees event, City Hall, 3.45pm, 18 July

As the next step in our campaign to save trees across Cardiff we are joining forces with Cardiff Civic Society and local residents groups to persuade Cardiff’s councillors to change their actions on these trees and hundreds across the city.  

Join us outside City Hall, Cathays Park at 3.45pm on 18 July, where we can speak to all the councillors as they gather for their monthly full meeting.  

We will be asking them to do everything they can to halt the felling of the mature trees at Suffolk House, Canton and other trees at threat across the capital.  

Then join us inside the council chamber as Nerys Lloyd-Pierce, chair of the Civic Society puts questions to the council’s leaders regarding their policy of destroying trees across the city.  

Please attend!  This is our last chance to persuade the developers and councillors before the summer break!

If you can please make and bring posters 

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