Save the Trees protest, 3.45pm, 18 July, City Hall

Exctinction Rebellion camp outside Cardiff’s City Hall, scene of lobby of councillors on 18 July

Gwarchodwch Coed Caerdydd!

Save the Trees protest

City Hall, 3.45pm, 18 July

Lobby Cardiff councillors as they all arrive for their monthly full meeting

Cardiff Civic Society

Thompson’s Park Area Environmental Group

Save the mature trees at Suffolk House, Canton!

Tell Cardiff cabinet to stop felling trees across the city!

Come to support Nerys Lloyd-Pierce, chair of Cardiff Civic Society as she puts Cllr Peter Bradbury on the spot with two public questions about his adminstration’s anti-tree policies (4.30pm, council chamber, City Hall)

What do we want?

We will be presenting the following list of concerns and demands to Cardiff councillors:

Gwarchodwch Coed Caerdydd!
Save Cardiff’s Trees! A plea for positive planning

As local residents and members of the Thompson’s Park Area Environmental Group, we are fully supportive of sensible and sensitive development of the Suffolk House site in Canton, however,

  1. By allowing the felling of mature trees to increase the residential density, the planning decision on the Suffolk House site undermines both the civic amenity value and the natural environment of the area.  It ignores the views of hundreds of residents who have signed petitions and called for the trees to be kept.
  1. This decision also runs directly counter to the stated environmental goals of the Council such as those highlighted in the One Planet Cardiff initiative and the passing, in March this year, of a Climate Emergency motion. It trashes the concept of Conservation Area status in Cardiff.
  1. This decision follows a pattern of planning decisions across the city where the interests of developers are put ahead of residents.  Cabinet members, senior planning officials and the chair of planning committee do not appear to listen to the views of residents.  
  1. Mature trees currently provide invaluable protection against climate change, flooding and pollution as well as hosting a huge diversity of wildlife.  They are being sacrificed in the rush to development and planting saplings or semi-mature trees in their place is merely ‘kicking the can down the road’ and mortgaging our children’s future.

We demand:

  1. All members of the planning committee should stand up for future generations and to take decisions which protect trees
  • Wholesale reform to Cardiff’s planning guidance so that trees are given greater protection and so that it complies with the Future Generations Act and Planning Policy Wales 10
  • A register of all meetings between property developers, senior council officers, cabinet members and planning committee members
  • Reform of the way the chair of planning committee is appointed so that residents’ views are given a fair hearing
  • Councillors to press Quin’s developers (part of the CPS Homes group) to amend their plans and save the mature trees at Suffolk House

Gwarchodwch ein amgylchedd, ein coed a’n hunanbarch!

Save our Environment  Save Our Trees Save Our Civic Pride

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